Primus is an independent primary health care policy think-tank


Primus brings together academics, policy-makers and health care providers to improve Alberta’s primary health care system by examining health care policies and helping researchers in our community share their findings.

Our mission is to support evidence-based primary health care development in Alberta.

We strive towards a progressive primary health care system informed by evidence-based policies and practices.

We believe we can help achieve this vision through:

  • Patient engagement and meaningful participation of patients in policy evaluation and development

  • Knowledge acquisition through deliberation with stakeholders

  • Promotion of the patient-centered medical home as the pathway for primary care transformation

We support our mission with four overarching goals:

  • To bring together primary health care research knowledge in ways which may help policy-makers improve the health care system

  • To encourage interdisciplinary perspectives as part of medical education and training

  • To create partnerships and opportunities for health care workers, members of government and researchers in Alberta to engage with each other

  • To serve in development of primary health care policies which put patients and their families first